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  2. Take a screenshot of your favorite Character as it appears in Chinese Helper’s Chinese writing tool. Learn How!
  3. Upload the screenshot of the Character in our contest submission form (below) and write a description of 200 to 300 words telling us why you like it.
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My Favorite Chinese Character

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the transformer

The Transformer..

The first image came to my mind when I first saw it was the great Autobot leader – Optimus Prime from Transformers franchise. And the amazing thing is that the word actually means to change, to become different, to vary, or to TRANSFORM. Having been a sci-fi fan, I can’t help imaging that those complicated strokes in the upper section of Biàn are the body Read the rest
25 Votes
reference essay zao the sun over the horizon

Reference Essay-Zao The Sun Over The Horizon..

Each time while having my afternoon run while watching the sunsets over the horizon of sunny California, I cannot help but remembering my days in Asia, the morning runs and the sun rising over the same pacific ocean. While I was studying Chinese my teacher taught us the radicals, 日the sun, over the horizon represented by 十, are the building blocks of the character 早, Read the rest
21 Votes
i met my favorite chinese character at the airport

I met my favorite Chinese character at the airport..

My favorite Chinese character comes to this word you2. I’ve first seen this Chinese word at the airport when I traveled to Taiwan 3 years ago. It was kind of written all over the information center. My Asian friend who travels with me all the time told me that the word means “travel” and “wander”. Right there I felt connected with this word, and start Read the rest
10 Votes
my favorite chinese character

My favorite Chinese character..

When I was picking up my favorite word among these characters in Chinese exam helper, the word sī 思caught my eyes. I can recognize this character is composed of a farmland and a heart which is connected to the meaning, imagine or think. It’s very easy to associate田tián to a farmland which makes me think up the book I read about China, the landscape in Read the rest
6 Votes


I love the character 好 because of the beautiful meaning behind it. 好 consists of the character woman and child(女+子), symbolizing a woman holding her child, showing her endless and unselfish love. The meaning of this character is good and well. I guess this character was created this way because the love of a mother to her child is really the best thing in the Read the rest
4 Votes

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